Editorial Board


Shin, Hyun-Jae

(Chosun University)

Associate Editors

Lee, Yun-Hae

(National Institute of Agricultural Science)

Kim, Gun-Do

(Pukyong National University)

Park, Young-Jin

(Konkuk University)

Lee, Dong Sung

(Chosun University)

Jang, Myoung-Jun

(Kongju National University)

Han, Jae-Gu

(National Institute of Horticultural & Herbal Science)

Kil-Ja Kim

(Jeollanamdo Agricultural Recearch and Extension Services)

Ryu, Jae-San

(Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries)

Editorial Board

Cho, Soo-Jeong

(Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology)

Jakopovich, Sc. Ivan

(Dr. Myko San - Health from Mushroom Co., Croatia)

Jo, Woo-Sik

(Gyeongbuk Province Agricultural Technology Administration)

Jong-In Choi

(Gyeonggido Agricultural Research)

Kim, Kyung-Je

(Jangheung Research Institute for Mushroom Industry)

Ko, Han-Gyu

(National Forestry Cooperatives Federation, Forest Mushroom Research Center)

Ko, Pyung-Yeol

(Jeju National University)

Kong, Won-Sik

(National Institute of Horticultural & Herbal Science)

Lee, Chan-Jung

(National Institute of Horticultural & Herbal Science)

Lee, Jae-Hong

(Gangwon Agricultural Research and Extension Services)

Lee, Moo-Yeal

(Cleveland State University, USA)

Park, Ki-Moon

(Sungkyunkwan University)

Sabaratnam, Vikineswary

(University of Malaya, Malaysia)

Yang, Hetong

(Institute of Biotechnology, Shandong Academy of Science, PR. China)

Yu, Young-Jin

(Jeollabuk-do Agricultural Research & Crop-Management)

Editorial office of the Korean Society of Mushroom Science

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