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ISSN : 1738-0294(Print)
ISSN : 2288-8853(Online)
Journal of Mushrooms Vol.15 No.2 pp.69-72

Studies on the technique of cultivating Gastrodia elata using small diameter log

Woo-Sik Jo,Seonghak Lee,Herim Choi,Pilgeom Sul,Suk-Hee Lee,Jin Wook Son,Myeong Ho Lim


Diversification to develop oak pruned neck utilization technology reduction of operation cost of cheonma( Gastrodia elata) farmers is the purpose of this research, but the results of the experiment are as follows. The soil chemistry of the plantation was very weak in 2015 when the pH was 5.7, weakly acidic and EC was 0.41 (ds/m), but the faux spring area was very sunny, but at the end of May, early June, late July And so on were at a maximum temperature of 25oC or more, and underground temperature fell below freezing in late January 2016. In the content of the survey of the harvested volume, treatment with a diameter of 6 to 10 cm appeared in 1,366 g total weight and in treated plots with a diameter of 20 cm or more, appeared in 1,542 g, confirming that the number and weight of the interspaces from the small neck is higher than the practice.