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ISSN : 1738-0294(Print)
ISSN : 2288-8853(Online)
Journal of Mushrooms Vol.21 No.3 pp.93-100

Analysis of research trends in mushroom science in North Korean journals (1978–2023)

Woo-Sik Jo*
Gyeongbuk Province Agricultural Technology Administration, Daegu, 41404, Korea


In this study, research trends in mushroom science were examined using North Korean journal articles published in 1978–2023. Researchers in each field reviewed 450 papers and finally selected 429 papers, excluding 21 papers classified in different fields. The number of researchers was 872, and the number of authors per paper was 2.03. Kim Cheol-Hak published the most academic papers in the field of mushroom science in North Korea, with 12 papers. The number of research articles increased annually, from 7 in 1985, 12 in 1998, 11 in 2008, and 27 in 2020, and has especially increased rapidly since the mid- 2010s. The study by mushroom type was as follows: 42 pine mushrooms (17.8 %), 25 oyster mushrooms (10.6 %), 23 Ganoderma sp. (9.8 %), 19 shiitake mushrooms (8.1 %), 17 button mushrooms (7.2 %), and 16 manna lichens (6.8 %). This study is considered meaningful in reviewing the research status and technology level in North Korea through analyzing North Korean academic journals in the field of mushroom science for the first time.