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ISSN : 1738-0294(Print)
ISSN : 2288-8853(Online)
Journal of Mushrooms Vol.21 No.3 pp.167-172

Characteristics and breeding of a new brown variety of Flammulina velutipes ‘Asakgold’ for high quality and yield

Kwan-Woo Lee1,*, Bo-Min Seo1, Seung-Deok Kim1, Jong-Ock Jeon1, Min-Ja Kim1, Ju-Hyoung Kim1, Myoung-Jun Jang2
1Chungcheongbuk-Do Agricultural Research & Extension Services, Cheongju, 28130
2Department of Plant Resource, Kongju National University, Yesan, 32439


A new brown variety of Flammulina velutipes, referred to as ‘Asakgold,’ was bred by crossing two monokaryons isolated from the “Geumhyang2ho” and “Garlmoe” varieties. The pileus color of the new variety is light brown and its shape is hemispherical. During bottle cultivation, the period necessary for mycelial growth was 40 days, 9 days for primordia formation and 15 days for fruiting body growth. The total cultivation period was 64 days, which was similar to that of the control variety “Yeoreumhyang1ho.” The pileus of the new variety was similar and the stipe was thinner and longer than that of the control. The number of valid stipes per bottle was 495, which was 37 % higher than that of the control (362), and the yield was 214 g, 16 % higher than that of the control (185 g). The -glucan content was 28.69 %, which was observed to be 1.6 times more than that of the control.